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I have been diagnose with PCOS since October of 2018 and was prescribed with metformin. But still my period is on and off. And with daily Vag BBT there's no indication that I was ovulating. I have since been seeing ads for Shacama Anjuse for awhile but I was typically skeptical. Since arriving in the Philippines last March 21 and was stranded for awhile in Manila till July 21. I decided to try one and started with the 5 plus 1 bottle at first on May 21st and Amazingly 3 days after my AF started. And I noticed a trend in my BBT records as well. Which wasn't present while with Metformin. And my AF been regular since then. Amazing.. truly amazing


I've been suffering hormonal imbalance since college and since then my periods are always irregular till I discovered Anjuse and after taking it for 5 days I'm already having my period. And for me it's a miracle. I believed it really cleansing my body. Thank you! Will purchase again soon! 😊❤


I had my last period January of this year. Two days of drinking Anjuse and had my period again after 5 months. First, I ordered the starter pack. Now, I am ordering the 10 pcs plus 1. Very satisfied customer here. A very effective product!

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